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Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement®

Move Into Life – Anat Baniel

Kids Beyond Limits – Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel Method Podcasts:

Podcasts include topics such as home schooling, stroke rehab, developing resilient kids, CP, healing from trauma, mindfulness, natural pain relief with interviews with leading scientists and other experts including Jill Bolte Taylor, Rick Hanson, Michael Merzenich

What is the science behind ABMNM®?

A discussion between Anat Baniel and Dr. Michael Merzenich

The Brain

The Brain that Changes Itself  – Dr. Norman Doidge

The Brain’s Way of Healing – Dr. Norman Doidge (with info on Anat Baniel Method)

Soft Wired: How the New Science of Neuroplasticity can Change Your Life – Dr. Michael Merzenich

The Real Reason for Brains TED talk – Dr. Brian Wolpert

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Trauma Recovery

The body Keeps the Score – Bessel Van der Kolk

Trauma and Recovery – Judith Herman


ABM Neuromovement® and Autism: Discussion with Anat Baniel and Dr. Torres lead by NJ Autism Centre of Excellence

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Autism Revolution by Dr. Martha Herbert


Academic research done by Elizabeth Torres

Autism: The Micromovement Perspective

A very quick summary- micromovements can be used to predict the intentionality of a person’s actions. By looking at micromovements it is possible to see how the peripheral nervous system interacts with the central nervous system. This is important as this interaction is what develops and maintains autonomy, self regulation and voluntary control.  In this study, Dr Torres is suggesting that there are options to the current subjective diagnoses of ASD based upon subjective observations. Atypical micromovements can be used to identity ASD. ASD is a sensory processing disorder not an intellectual disorder.  What she is hoping to do in the future is to use this information to design interventions unique to each person and adopt therapies that work with the person to their changing abilities as they progress.

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Re-thinking Autism: Agency, Autonomy, and the Sensory Movement Perspective

Presentation on YouTube with Dr. Elizabeth Torres (neuroscience), Dr. Vikram Jazwal (Psychology), Dr. Ann Donnellan (educational psychology).

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Autistic Burnout: Defining, Measuring and Understanding it with Dr. Dora Rainmaker

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