Tanya Shklanka Practitioner Bio

Tanya Shklanka, BA, MA, ABMNP

I graduated from the Anat Baniel Method® Professional Training and opened my private practice in Vancouver in the spring of 2017. I have also completed a 4 level ABMNM® continuing education Mastery for Children with Special Needs, an ABMNM® mastery certification in Vitality and Anti-aging and an ABMNM® Mastery Certification for working with High Performers. In addition to this method, I have trained in Non-Violent Communication and am a certified FloorTime practitioner.

During the beginning of the pandemic, I completed 2 levels of At Home Coaching for parents. This program done virtually offers parents and adults and children the opportunity to bring the nine essentials directly into their everyday life. I continue to offer coaching lessons post-pandemic, as they are transformational. 

In 2019 I was invited to assist in a pilot project headed by Anat Baniel bringing this method into several public elementary schools in Lloydminster, Alberta. This 2-year project is bringing ABM NeuroMovement® into the schools for 5-10 minutes twice a day in the form of chair lessons for the children. Seeing how beneficial this can be for children motivated me to teach children's group classes in Vancouver. Go to the group classes for more details.

More recently, I have been fortunate to receive direct mentoring from Anat Baniel and have seen clients at her center in San Rafael. I am also a traveling practitioner and have had work opportunities in Colombia, Italy and England.
Tanya Shklanka, Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement Practitioner
Anat Baniel, Tanya Shklanka and other instructors in classroom in Lloydminster
"Tanya was able to relieve my lower back pain with just one session! When my husband injured his back, I sent him to Tanya, and she alleviated his pain, too. I have continued to see her for body pain, stress, and insomnia. Her treatments are gentle, calming, and incredibly grounding." 
~ RH
"My daughter is so much more regulated since working with you last week!!! Thank you!!!! My hubby said she is like a different child." 
~ MO