Private Sessions

Tanya with female client during private ABM lessons
Private lessons are known as Functional Synthesis® or FS® lessons. The practitioner using gentle, innovative and pain free movements skillfully customizes the sessions to the individual needs and requirements of the client. The sessions are applicable for all ages, abilities and conditions and last from 35 - 45 minutes per session. As of June 15 2020, these are again available, and a Covid-19 Safety plan (please feel free to request) is in place. 

Due to Covid-19 I am also booking Virtual Sessions. These private sessions are run through Zoom, and have been exceptionally successful. This is an opportunity to bring the 9 Essentials (for positive brain change) into your everyday life. They are available for all ages and last 25-30 minutes.  Please contact me for more details.

For children in particular, I recommend booking an intensive series of 6-10 lessons within a one week period. This insures a more transformative and permanent neuroplastic change. When booking an intensive series, ensure a minimum 1.5 hrs between sessions. Please contact me directly if you want to book an intensive or to inquire more about it.

"Neuromovement has changed my approach to exercise as well as my approach to many of life's tasks and challenges. Both the exercises and private sessions leave me relaxed, almost free of the pain of injury, more upright and walking easily in a new way. It has been a process and over several months the changes are becoming permanent and the discomfort from my injury is greatly decreased."
~ PS